Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blind Faith

Trust is a beautiful thing
No One To Blame
Years ago when I first began working with models I scheduled a shoot with a 20 year old girl who was just starting out, I was to pick her up and we were going to shoot near the beach and a nearby canyon where there were some great old buildings. When I pulled up outside her home, she was carefully and quietly shutting the front door as if to be sneaking outside the house, so once we got rolling I asked her about it and to my amazement she was indeed sneaking out. She was living with her grandparents while attending school and didn't want them to know she was modeling, no one knew she was with me, what we were doing or where we were going. After the shoot when I got home I called my daughter on the phone and told her the story, I asked her to never, ever, ever do anything like that!
Row 13
Trust is essential where I work, many times we are alone in very remote places and occasionally over night and sometimes camping when we're working far from home or doing a road trip. Leaving in darkness to catch the sunrise many times the model is meeting me for the first time at 3:00am, on a dark street, to travel out to the desert for nude photos, it has to take a bit of faith to just go for it.
My World
Trust is truly a wonderful feeling, to know someone has your back and that you can depend on your relationship with them, trust and faith create such a positive energy that it gives you strength. Isn't an important part of inspiration simply faith in yourself?  
Heaven Can Wait
They say trust has to be earned and I think this is proof that another aspect of trust is it grows exponentially, in artistic collaborations it allows you to let your guard down.

Trust allows for experimentation and makes the whole experience better, when you believe, you can accomplish just about anything.

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