Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time Does Not Wait

And neither does the sun.

Birth Of Day

Being out on location, far from people, traffic and general humankind when the sun comes up is not for everyone, but for those willing I think the reward is well worth the effort. One morning in Joshua Tree I could swear I felt the earth turn as a series of small events took place just before the sunrise. The sky was well lit already when we made our first stop in Queen Valley, and there was a warm desert breeze blowing gently from the east, I heard the sounds of desert life, birds and critters making their rounds. But as the sky got brighter the sounds died down and soon it became eerily quiet, the breeze died down to the point the air became perfectly still, as if the world had just been put on pause for the sun's entrance. My model turned and looked at me in utter amazement, as we stood there and witnessed the birth of a day.

Serpentine Fire

If you've been out on a shoot with me you've likely heard the phrase 'chasing the sun', I say it too often but I do it all the time. For me sunrise is the best light there is and you studio people can mock me all you want about having only one light, nothing beats the morning sun and besides, reflectors have been invented. Early morning air seems cleaner which may have something to do with the light and beginning with the sunrise the light just keeps getting better until around 10am depending on the season. Not to mention shooting in the desert morning allows you to beat the heat, wintertime is fine morning or evening but not the summer.

Better Times

It's a magical time for me in the desert at sunrise, I really can't think of a better place to capture beauty. 

Night Into Day
For me, there's nothing better than hitting the right place at the right time.

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  1. Yep, those early morning wake up calls are ALWAYS worth it!