Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Mission mission

and possibly my most viewed images on the Internet.
Santa Ines
Over the span of around 10 years, I visited and photographed the 21 California missions, I called it my Mission mission, influenced mainly by my sister (again) we visited some of them repeatedly and learned all about their inglorious history.
Santa Clara de Asis
I have about a dozen photos of each Mission posted in galleries on my Pbase account and every year I receive dozens of comments from 4th graders doing reports for school, there's no question these are my most commented on images.
And then one day I found a comment from a teacher who was telling the kids to feel free to download and print any photos they liked, I was shocked that a 4th grade teacher was encouraging kids to steal my work off the Net! I almost considered deleting them all, but instead I placed a note on each photo: ''These images are free to everyone but please don't teach your kids that everything on the Internet is fair game, or, 'its easier to ask forgiveness than permission'. Photographic images, like music & movies are protected by copyright laws and image theft is a serious issue."
La Purisima Concepcion
It feels great to get the comments from kids, teachers & parents about how they appreciate my photos and having them up for everyone to use.
Santa Barbara