Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Observations & Influences

on the most basic level I think photographers are natural observers
Nature's Lover
There are two things I do immediately following a photo shoot, I make at least one but most of the time two verified backup copies of the photos, regardless of how late it is or how tired I am, this is one step I never skip. Secondly, I will randomly open images from different points in the shoot to make sure I got what I thought I got.

Living With The Memory
My image selection/editing method is all over the map, I go in no particular order with no pattern or plan, at any given moment I could have a dozen images up on my screen all in different stages of being edited, any given photo could sit in my photo editing software for days while I ponder it. I would like to be more organized or at least more methodical but for some reason it's just not in me.
Say It Anyway
When I'm editing photos I am listening to music or the television in the background and I'm in my own little world, I'm putting myself into the images, it's occurred to me that I travel inside the photo while I'm editing it, I am living the feeling that it gives me. Sort of like an out of body kinda thing, I become part of the scene and when I choose a title all I do is convey that experience.
Every Story
I feel I have two main photographic influences,William Mortenson and Edward Weston, both were well known but had vastly different lives and outcomes, Weston was well respected and is now considered a master, Mortenson was disliked by the photographic purest of his day and sadly much of his work has been lost. I discovered theses photographers after I began my work with nudes and still refer to their photos sometimes.
Soul Horizon
I guess I just do things the way that works for me, or more to the point, the only way I know how.

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